Our world.
Our environment.



Eastern Pacific Shipping (UK) Ltd. is committed to operate the fleet vessels in a manner that minimizes the environmental impact of its activities. This will be achieved by setting a policy for:

‘ZERO SPILLS’ to the sea and ‘ZERO UNPLANNED RELEASES’ to the atmosphere.

Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to the maritime industry.

Assess all identified risks to the environment and establish appropriate safeguards.

Promoting the use of alternative materials that have a lower environmental impact.

Continual improvement of its environmental performance through evaluation and investment in innovative technology.


To achieve compliance with the stated policy, Eastern Pacific Shipping (UK) Ltd. shall:

Prepare and implement operating and maintenance procedures to manage the environmental aspects of its operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Subscribe to and implement the ISO 14001 Environment Management Standard within the Company’s fleet of vessels.

Set targets and measures for its environmental performance and review them on a regular basis to gauge performance and drive continual improvement strategies.

Provide appropriate environmental training and educate employees to be environmentally responsible.

Communicate and reinforce this policy throughout the company and its contractors.